Sunday, August 07, 2011

BMU # 273 with stories by Harris Tobias & Steve Carter

Beam Me Up 273 saw new additions and just plain good stuff. I start with an excellent quote from Isaac Asimov that Courtney posted on the Beam Me Up Facebook site. Next, I play two stories this week. First from a story in the newest edition of Antipodean. From Steve Carter comes a different twist on an old sci-fi time travel theme “Time Enough” The second story has to be one of the strangest alien encounter stories I have ever read. I play Harris Tobias’ Elko.

I have discovered a new anime series in my travels around Youtube and found that it was playing on SyFy. Durahrara is a spin on the myth of the grim reaper and a mixture of the European headless horseman and their ilk. However the spin and the handle make the series much more entertaining and modern. I found the opening track on one of the short films and play it for the program today. Very nice and catchy. Overall its a very good series for those that don’t go into the giant robots that litter the main outlets. Give this one a shot.

From this week’s blog @ Researchers at the University of Toronto have used a combination of synthesized DNA and semiconductors to create a nano-scale antenna that harnesses light. arth at one point in its early history had more than one moon. The second moon was most likely very small and may have collided with its larger Luna companion. Have you heard the story of the two NASA logos? No? You won’t believe it! The Juno mission to Jupiter launched Friday August 5. A film of the launch can be viewed on NASA. The primary goal of the mission is to understand the origin and evolution of the massive gas planet. Oh you will just HAVE to check out The Mercury Men. A new Web series made for under $10,000 in Pittsburgh with ray guns, evil aliens and even a brain in a jar. It’s a modern homage to the black-and-white serials of the early 1900s. Space X has petitioned NASA to combine two upcoming missions of their Dragon launch vehicle, one to rendezvous with the ISS and next to dock with it. And there is much more on the blog as well as the podcast.

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