Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Antipodean SF August 2011 issue, #158

From SF Scope online magazine is a listing of Antipodean SF online flash fiction magazine

Antipodean SF has posted its August 2011 issue, #158. The magazine's focus is Australian science/speculative fiction, and they publish mostly short-short stories.

This issue, the fiction includes:

"Mother Heart" by Ray O'Brien (horror)
"Re-Life" by Mark Tremble (science fiction)
"Grim Love Bus" by Matt Stephens (science fiction)
"Time Enough" by Steve Carter (science fiction)
"Fly Eyes" by Pen Clements (horror)
"Murmurs" by Shaun A. Saunders (fantasy)
"The Cinema Attendant" by J.L. Cooper (horror)
"A Light-Bulb Moment" by Shelley Ontis (science fiction)
"Catharsis" by Kevin J. Phyland (horror)
"A Spot of Tea" by M.L. Sawyer (fantasy)

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