Thursday, February 03, 2011

Antipodean issue 152 now online!

Editor Ion of the flash fiction online magazine Antipodean issue 152 is now online at

Here is a table of contents for this month's magazine.

Welcome Home, Johnny Ace By Onil Lad

Drinking Stories By Marie Hodgkinson

Episode 4.5 By Michael Frissore

Ninja Nemesis By Crisetta Macleod

The Storms By Steve Duffy

An Accident Going Somewhere To Happen By Shaun A. Saunders

Damned Humanists By Wes Parish

Sweet Dreams By Nicole Rendall

Synaesthesia By Kevin J. Phyland

Blame Games By Gitte Christensen

I have read this month's stories and this is certainly a keeper. I hope you enjoy it!

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