Thursday, February 17, 2011

Star Trek Tricorder Scanner a Reality?

From the Daily Mail online comes word of a device that puts the Star Trek tricorder scanner a very real possibility! Professor Jürgen Lademann, of the Charité medical school in Berlin has developed a computer mouse sized device that measures a person’s antioxidant level between one and 10. Why you might ask? Well it seems that these levels change dramatically and measuring these changes, in as little as 30 seconds, one can assess the damage to the body from smoking or from junk food.

The device works by measure levels of antioxidants. This is done by shining a beam of light at a patience's body, collecting the reflected light and analyzing it for information on which wavelengths have been absorbed. This is far less intrusive than present methods which requires the skin to be cut and a sample taken. ( Biopsied )

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