Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Feb. 6th Apollo 14 moon mission anniversary

This week in NASA Apollo history? forty years ago (forty people! you feel old yet? ) the Apollo 14 mission visited the moon for only the third time in human history. This mission was notable in that if followed the disastrous mission 13. Alan Shepard of the 1961 Freedom 7 was the first person to hit a golf ball on the moon. This was Shepard's last mission. Not a bad way to go out in my book. Edgar Mitchell not to be up staged took a modified scoop handle and proceeded to javelin throw it. Mitchell an excellent photographer in his own right took some spectacular photographs during the mission. The photo here from the ascent module of the landing module of the L.E.M. is a fine example. The mission collected 93 lb of Moon rock during 9½ hours of E.V.A.

From the Wikipedia As of 2011, Mitchell is the only surviving member of the crew; Roosa died in 1994 and Shepard in 1998 .

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