Monday, May 31, 2010

A very nice video of Asimov discussing science fiction


David said...

Asimov was wrong star trek did stay on forever I still love him though

Beam Me Up said...

You're right Dave...I loved everything about Asimov's science fiction. I wonder if you can really say that he was "wrong" as even though he was a futurist, he just could not at that stage grasp the implications of the advancements in television technology. Cable alone must have still been a curiosity when he made that film. Plus I would hazard a guess that no one short of Arthur C. understood what was happening with communication sats. And even today it is all about "on the air" which is becoming an anachronism as we watch. Cable is certainly breathing its' last and satellite may well be incomprehensible in the coming years, and given the speed of fiber, may itself be of little significance in the coming decades.

So it all goes to show that material or programs that would hardly last a season before fading into the past can now last in some fashion for months and years, and certainly in the coming decades shows may never be unavailable again.

Not saying anything new here but consider that most in the 60s and 70s had no clue how certain unrelated technologies would completely change the entertainment industry.

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