Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Directed by Jon Favreau

Starring Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow Don Cheadle Mickey Rourke Scarlett Johansson

Sam Rockwell Samuel L. Jackson

Iron Man 2 is of course the continuing antics of Tony Stark as he plays with his flying body armor bearing the name of said movie – aptly portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. Here again we have the obligatory high speed flybys, the face of the pilot being lit by all sorts of flight information. Shooting smashing and blowing things up galore. And of course fight scenes where suits flail on one another over and over. The point being is that there is little departure from the first Iron Man. The suit is a bit spiffier and the old adage in movies is that if one is good than lots is better, and there a no surprises here in that department. I can say initially that if you liked the first you will certainly like the second. What's more I can clearly see that Downey should never be lacking for a role because he is Stark in every self indulgent pore.

My complaint might be that there is even less of a nod to science and research than the last. If Stark need a particle accelerator why he just builds one in his living room! Yep, physics certainly takes a back seat.

My favorite part just may have been the walkons by Sam Jackson as Fury that I wouldn't mind seeing that plot string drawn out more!

But lets be honest. Iron Man 2 like the first is above all else a straight ahead action adventure film. No ambiguity at all. Good guys no matter their faults are good and the bad no matter the extenuating circumstances. Conspicuous consumption, two fisted drinking and everyone gets the shit kicked out of them! Out and out wish fulfillment.

Again, if you really liked the first movie, you are not going to be disappointed here and if you just go in for action movies, you will still not be left wanting. Good mindless entertainment at its best. And that is where I would give it a go watch it recommendation.

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zysmith said...

I agree with the reviewer. Like the Transformer movies, the sequel is short on depth and long on action but it doesn't purport to be anything else.

A final thought, don't leave before the credits end.

Anonymous said...

"If Stark need a particle accelerator why he just builds one in his living room!"

It's "needs". Please proof you article before posting

Beam Me Up said...

Excuse me Anon?!!!
Its a review! And the Main use is to keep me on course during the live show!!! Is that all you took away from a simple movie review?!!! a dropped S? Man that's sad. I am really sorry if it bothered you so much you felt the need to comment, it was just meant to let my friends know my impressions on the film, not to aggravate... oh well...