Sunday, May 16, 2010

Comments From Wesley Parish on his story

Wesley Parish just wrote me with some follow up info on his short story - A Man, A Plan, A Shattered World, that I thought was fascinating, so I thought I would share it with you

  • Just some points you can pass on to any of your callers who ask about the story:

  • The title is derived from a book called "Man with a Shattered World" by the Russian neurospychologist A.R. Luria, and indeed the central "bits" of the story - the rifle bullet in the brain, the messed up memory, the man trying to survive in spite of it all - are derived from that book. The guy in the book is an inspiration. He's getting better, in spite of his messed-up life - he can piece together memories that prevent him from believing fake memories, he can remember the videos of the attack; he's just in despair and doesn't see it. And it's based on a dream I had. so I thought I'd inflict it on the world, and I'm delighted that other people have enjoyed it. Wesley Parish

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