Monday, May 10, 2010

Got Some Spare Cash? Build a real Iron Man Suit!

IO9 asks, How much would it cost to build a real Iron Man suit? Since we looked last week at how close we might be to really building one...I thought a cost outline might be fun!

First a Helmet mounted display. Now there is just such a thing under development for the f-35 Fighter jet pilot....development budget stands at 54 million.

Exoskeleton: we have seen that there is plenty of work in this area, something like Raytheon's XO8 with a development cost of 10 million.

Portable Nuclear power source: and I read that the new Martian rover called Curiosity will have something akin to Tony's. It's called a Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. Something like this gem costs around 36 million.

Oh and got to have Jet Packs for the feet: right now the closest thing we have is the flying wing that Yves Rossy flew across the English Channel with and there ARE companies working on strap on jet packs. Expect something like say 400,000 for two.

And cheapest of all would be the wearable computer to run everything. 20,000

What's the damage? Well over 100 million. As much as that sounds's about the cost of one of those fancy prototype f 35 fighters. Hey, check out the pics here

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