Friday, May 14, 2010

Jupiter Looses a Belt?!

Tim Sayell was noticing that there was a lot of activity in Yahoo about the planet Jupiter. Looking up what was causing all the furor he came across a really interesting article.

It seems that Jupiter is losing some of it's stripes!

Here is what the article says.
  • A giant cloud belt in the southern half of Jupiter has apparently disappeared according to new photos of the planet taken by amateur astronomers.
  • The new Jupiter photos, taken May 9 by Australian astronomer Anthony Wesley, reveal that the huge reddish band of clouds that make up the planet's Southern Equatorial Belt has faded from view.
Read complete CSM article here


Christopher said...

I hope his pants won't fall down!
Maybe the Big Red Spot ate the Belt.

Beam Me Up said...

That is so bad and so juvie! and what pisses me off the most is you got there first! lol

So bad! ahh well