Friday, January 22, 2010

Man to Break Sound Barrier Jumping from Edge of Space

Remember that scene from the latest Star Trek when Kirk & Sulu jump from space onto that futuristic drill platform? One of the seriously cool scenes in the movie. Well it seems the idea is still alive in Felix Baumgartner who has it on his mind to jump from the edge of space in an effort to break the sound barrier, and do it while in free fall. The last person to make a jump of this magnitude was United States Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger. Kittinger jumped on August 16, 1960, from an altitude of 19 and a half miles. Baumgartner will make his record breaking attempt sometime in 2010 as part of Red Bull's Stratus mission from a height of apx 20 miles!

Click here for a link to a short film on the jump.

Gizmodo article

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