Sunday, January 03, 2010

Brazil restarts space program

Hey sci-fi fans, have we seen this coming or what? Even the country I seem to recall in some stories that Brazil becomes the object of interest as global resources dwindle. So as science fictionary as it sounds...

From the Los Angeles Times article:
  • The nation is reviving its space program as part of a push to secure its territory. 'In the coming era of scarcity, we're going to have to defend what we've got,'
Of course the effort is not all sabre rattling. Brazil honestly wants to become a player in the global satellite business, but as global resources dwindling, a portion of it's efforts have got to be high ground defenses.

Brazil of course is not pointing fingers. They realize that a threat might come from neighbors, China or even the US. hummmm

So what kind of resources are in play? Well again from the article:
  • Over the last two years, has made one of the world's largest oil discoveries off its Atlantic coast, a find that could propel it into the first rank of oil exporters by 2015. The nation also boasts enormous deposits of gold, uranium and iron ore and is the world's largest exporter of chicken, soy, sugar and beef.
Wow, can the corporate wars be far behind? Complete article

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