Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doomsday Clock moves 1 more minute away from midnight

Clock Announcement 2010 from on Vimeo.

On January 14th, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist adjusted the "Doomsday Clock" back one minute to 6 minutes before midnight.

The reason for the change was, as the Bulletin stated was:
  • Encouraging Progress Seen Around Globe in Both Key Threat Areas: Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change.
The decision by the BAS Science and Security Board was made in consultation with the Bulletin's Board of Sponsors, which includes 19 Nobel Laureates.

From the article:
  • Created in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Doomsday Clock has been adjusted only 18 times prior to today, most recently in January 2007 and February 2002 after the events of 9/11. By moving the hand of the Clock away from midnight--the figurative end of civilization--the BAS Board of Directors is drawing attention to encouraging signs of progress.
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Matt said...

Not to be the grammar / definition police, but your headline is wrong. It should be "Doomsday Clock moves 1 more minute away from midnight," or better yet, "Doomsday Clock moved to 6 minutes until midnight."

Beam Me Up said...

No, I agree Matt...I was trying to draw as I suspect the original did when they posted "Doomsday Clock" moves one minute away from midnight" in their original post. Then I look at that one and mine and really, like you say, 1 MORE minute.... You're exactly correct...

Beam Me Up said...

Matt, I sat down and thought, just because they pulled a stunt, doesn't mean I have to so I changed it along your suggestion. Thanks.