Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AntipodeanSF issue 130 is online

Editor Ion of Antipodean SF writes to tell me that even though it is a little late, AntipodeanSF online magazine issue 130 is now available - here.

This month's collection of flash fiction are:
Weapons  By S. A. Harris

Outside my room, from along the passageway, came the sounds of my parents watching the Spectravision — making loud comments that disturbed my poetical concentration. On the desk in front of me lay the poem, "Weapons" by the little-known turn-of-the-century poet S. A. Harris.

They Called Her Larry By Steve Duffy

They called her Larry, they always had. It was the only name she'd ever known. But somewhere, deep down, she knew it didn't belong to her. It belonged to someone else, someone not her. She knew, in that same deep down place, that she had another name, must have another name.

Terminal Illness By Alan Baxter

Mary sat at her son's bedside, hands clasped in desperation, eyes dark. She stared — trying to cure him by willpower alone.

Jack Austin - Xeno Hunter By Jamie Richter

"So what happened to your last cameraman, Jack?" the bespectacled technician queried, hammering the seventh and final backpack-sized transmitter into the black, alkaline soil of Marius-2. "And don't spare any detail."

The Buck Stops - At Woop Woop By Shaun A. Saunders

Life made sense, mostly, until the following email arrived: "Hello, I hurry writing you this message cos i don't,have much time on the pc here,so i have to brief

Ménage à Trois By Mark Farrugia

Through a tear-bubbled eye, and drug-induced comfort, Sandy stares up at me as though it's in my power to save her. Hell, I wish it was.

Snayk By Felicity Dowker

Lucas was dreaming, and the dream was bad. Something alien and savage crept into his brain and put down roots there. It grew, spreading its loathsome way down his spine and into his belly, where it writhed through his intestines in slimy abandon.

Pirate Music By Alan Richard

Ah crap, I'm in trouble this time. Jowal whined something well above my hearing range.

Blood By David Such

There are two theories about how to win an argument with a woman. Neither one works. Sam Blood considered his next statement carefully: "You don't think we should go through the front?" "Do I look like an idiot?"

Field of Dreams By Dr. Brendan D. Carson

"You ready?" said Nightshayde. Sebastyan nodded. He had smears of black hair-dye on his face, because he hadn't been able to find boot-polish. "Once we're over the wire, we have to be quick."

Those stories and other features in this month's issue.


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