Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card at

Now here is something REALLY different! Over at - is a way to win some serious Amazon script! It's called "Pick Your Favorite Character Contest".

Here is what their message had to say:
  • To celebrate the launch of the new Joseph Devon website, and because giving stuff away is fun, we're starting up another contest for the end of March.
  • This one couldn't be simpler. Just come on over to the site and visit the Contest Page for March, then leave a quick comment there picking your favorite character from Probability Angels. If that link doesn't work go ahead and cut and paste the following into your browser:
  • That's it. At the end of the month one lucky entry will be chosen at random and will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.
What is Probability Angels? It's one of author Joseph Devon's offerings. Believe me it ain't about angels! It's a fast paced gripping tale of people or beings exsisting just a half step out of phase with our own, who have tasked themselves with guiding humans that they have chosen to be "more" than they can be. But not everything is as it seems and some don't agree on just what humanity's role should be.

Even that short review is way understated. I reviewed Probability Angels on an earlier program. Here is the review I wrote for this novel

But really, go check out the new site and the contest. It certainly could be worth your while....

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