Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abandoned Towers revamps Online Site

Abandoned Towers head honcho Crystalwizard writes that there has been a total redesign of the website. The reason for the redesign were that a lot of the areas were not being visited. So, as Crystalwizard puts it:
  • I revamped the home page, making it easier to find all the comic strips we publish, as well as all the various content areas.
Abandoned Towers' content is constantly being updated with a wide range of interesting material. Everything from classic and public domain material to brand new stuff. One of the items that Crystalwizard is most happy about is their on-going serials, which really are worth checking out. And of course the very cool review column Odd reviews by Oddcube.

The new home page is really chock full of links and interesting material. Well worth taking a trip over and checking out the wares.

Abandoned Towers

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