Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shuttle/Bat dies glorious death!

Got to give this one to Gizmodo, I wasn't going to mention it, but they put a neat spin on the whole affair. I was watching the latest Shuttle launch on NASA tv when, with scant minutes remaining, I heard chatter pertaining to a bat that was spotted clinging to the ET. The decision was to leave it along for risk of delaying the launch further. The rest of the story was "Wildlife experts deduced that he had injured his wing and shoulder, leaving him with little chance of survival. He remained on the tank until launch."

On the Gizmodo site and NASA you can see where the bat's location put it in harms way shortly after the SRBs ignited. What a way to go huh?


dragonet2 said...

Someone somewhere else on the Internets posted up a modified version of High Flight as a requiem for the little bat.

Since it appears it was already hurt, what a way to go! It got to see space before dying, higher than any other bat ever hoped to attain.

Godspeed. little bat!

Beam Me Up said...

yeah, what a way to go out huh?!!! Dream big, fly higher!