Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walking Talking Robot Fashion Model

I have been hearing about this thing for a couple of days and really didn't give it that much attention. I had seen the earlier versions of some of the Japanese demos and fairly static "hosts" kind of thing. But then I saw the utube short of the newest incarnation and frankly it's pretty spooky to see this think in operation.

5'2" and 95 lbs. it cuts a pretty mean figure. But in this preview it looks more like it's ready for an EVA. Just seeing it totally self contained is quite an eye opener.

Right now there are no real plans to have the robot do catwalks, the gait is still way too stiff to compete with their human counter-part and the knees are constantly bent because it still lacks the truly sensitive balance that humans possess, instead the unit will be a big crowd draw. Developers say the robot may be used in amusement parks or to perform simulations of human movement, as an exercise instructor, for instance.

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