Tuesday, June 02, 2015

BMU #446 is Now Online

Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 446.

This week I start with a slightly (ok I will admit it....off the wall) musical selection that started as a bet with Joe, a frequent listener. We shall see if I at least captured the spirit....

Next I touch lightly on number bases (like we use a base 10 system, computers use base 1 and ultimately base 8 for bits and bytes) followed  by a review of the movie Interstellar.  A movie with an (do I dare???)  interstellar cast.  I know, groan.....

Then I traveled onto Mr. Stanger's excellent story The English Dead.  I was hoping to get the rest of the story done but ran out of time, so we shall include it in 447.

The Plus side is that there were a couple of minutes I could utilize for an additional blog entry, so.....

I saw a short film on Barycentric Systems, which are  how primary and  satellite systems behave.

I hope that some of these articles intrigues you.


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