Thursday, June 11, 2015

Turtle Get 3D Printed Beak & Jaw

I am fascinated by computer controlled CNC machine and the resulting 3d printers, so I really read through an article sent over by Spider Earth which details the construction of upper and lower beak parts for a loggerhead turtle.

The 100 pound sea turtle was found after being mutilated in a boating collision.  Mutilation is rather a weak description for the damage done to the turtle's head and beak.   The damage was bad enough that it could never have been released and hand feeding for the rest of it's life was all it had.

Enter BTech Innovation, a company that "prints" medical implants.  BTech's CEO, learning of the turtle's plight, agreed to print parts that would emulate the turtle's beak and jaw, plus the device looks awsome!

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