Thursday, June 18, 2015

Earth's Core Contains Vast Amounts of Sulfur

 Here is an interesting article that seems to hold up the formation of the moon by a collision between Earth and a near Mars sized asteroid.

Apx. 1700 miles under your feet, Earth's core begins. Why should we be interested in this? Well due to the depth and heat, it is impossible to observe or even measure the composition of the core directly.
But thanks to an international group of researchers who developed an indirect geo-chemical methods to show core composition.

Until quite recently it was believed that Earth's core consisted of an iron / nickel amalgam. Due to the core's size it has been suspected that the core contained other lighter elements, such as sulfur, silicon, oxygen and carbon and the new method of imaging the core have proved that out.

Earth's core contains vast amounts of molten sulfur. 10X more than in the rest of Earth or better than 10% of the mass of the Moon!

So when you are told that brimstone lies just under your feet - well in a certain context -   they are not to far from the truth!

For more info - check the Daily Mail site HERE

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