Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Here is a list of the major starring cast members:

Tom Cruise as Major William Cage 
Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski 
Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farell 
Brendan_Gleeson as General Brigham 
Kick Gurry as Griff

Got a chance to see the newest Tom Cruise vehicle "Edge of Tomorrow". Acted in fairly predictable fashion by master Cruise himself. The really fun part was no quite phoned in by Bill Paxton who played Master Sergeant Farell.

The best way to review and describe this film.....imagine Groundhog Day, but with an extremely bad attitude and gunfire.  Yeah, that about covers.  Until Major William Cage "mans up" and "grows a pair" does things start to go his way, but it is made amply clear that the day has "restarted" many many times, just by the shear repetition it takes to get a moment in time just right, meaning when he isn't being munched on by a mimic. 

Edge of Tomorrow is often "gripping  well-acted, funny, and clever in healthy doses of both.  The invasion and aliens are horrific and menacing, but the interaction between cast members is  both funny and clever.  

I could go on with a more healthy description but by now you know that I hate to be a spoiler even if it is the disk version. 

As a recommendation I would suggest that if you saw Groundhog Day and found the premise engaging, you might want to give the high octane science fiction version a try. 

I have friends give the film a high 5 or 6, and frankly I honestly have to rate it higher for all the reasons listed above, so its a strong 7.  Bit derivative but high energy enough to set if apart. 

Certainly not a waste of time.  Check it out. 

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