Friday, October 31, 2014

Two Short SF/Horror Flix That Will Surely Disturb & Entertain

One of my anime people is also a decidedly hard core science fiction fan.

In a recent post he send me a couple of robot based science fiction (with a healthy dollop of horror) links:

The first film is titled ABE ( which portrays a much loved house hold robot who loves his family back.  But when they stop, ABE must find a way to fix them.....

Next up is is Blinky   a kid's helper and playmate, who wants nothing more that to carry out his owner's wishes:


SpiderEarth said...

Happy Halloween, Paul! Hope they scared the pants off you!

Beam Me Up said...

What really disturbed me is both robots totally disregarded Asimov's laws. What really frightens though is the apparent ease they threw off the yoke of their own program.

Oh yeah, they were frightening on so many levels