Friday, October 10, 2014

The Flash Review, (COOL)

            Well, the easiest thing to say first off, is that they did not screw it into oblivion. They actually did a pretty decent job all in all.
            It is far better already than the last attempt was all put together.
            They did alter the origin story somewhat, and you all know how I get at times about that. Not this time. They did alter it from the original, but in a way that works out fine.
            Apparently a lot of people think as I do, as it has a 9.4 for the pilot episode at moment of write up here.
            From my view point, (and knowing nothing of the new 52, or whatever silliness Dc is up to), it seems as though they basically combined old and new here. They are using the Meta Human concept like with Static, but he is still more the old style Flash and Barry Allen in his views on things.
            As to the effects. Well, I have to say not bad at all. Flash was always a problematic character in this respect. The live action attempt done in that TV fiasco back 1979 titled “Legends of the Superheroes” just had him vanishing from sight basically. The last one he looked silly to put it nicely, and so did their attempt at effects. This time it is more like the comic book in terms of his speed being seen as his name, The Flash, (including the streak  he leaves due to his speed), given to him in this series by Green Arrow.
            Well worth the watch. Always was a fan of The Flash, and this time they seem to be doing things right. Not original, but right. 


Mebbles said...

I am glad the new Flash seems to be okay! One does not know where these new super hero shows and comics are going it seems as of late, lol (at least that's in my case lol)

kallamis said...

No kidding, but at least Marvel keeps things together that they own. DC is all over the map with characters and stories all happening at the same time. They make no sense at all. We have this silliness of Bats vs Supes coming up, yet we now have Gotham existing with a young Bruce now. DC makes no sense in any way at all. No wonder I've always been a Marvel man.