Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Flash Pilot Tonight, Tuesday

     After weeks of hearing coming soon, it premieres tonight on WB. Thanks for the time and date you DC idiots. I just watched a commercial, that said premiering soon. Yeah, no crap, it's tonight. Just wanted to get this up for a notice folks. Since DC, or WB, or maybe both want to act like smart ass idiots for some reason now.
      Morons. I wonder if they will hide the Supergirl release date for that series also when they get it going. Freaking idiots.


Mebbles said...

I saw it being advertised on the Playstation Store and I thought to myself: I would probably give it a shot if I had TV, lol.

Anyways, how was the Flash pilot?

kallamis said...

Coming up later today. Thursday.I reviewed it.

Beam Me Up said...

I was going to review it but I see you had one in draft I am anxious to read what you thought of the program

Beam Me Up said...

Meebles....Flash can be had on HULU even in the free section of HULU!!!