Sunday, October 05, 2014

A very funny Kerbal Space Program video!

Danny2462's YouTube video

Kerbal Space Program is a pretty awesome program that the user can creature a multitude of crafts from a pretty large selection of parts. The game is a really good sandbox (also the game creators are working on a challenging mode). Instead of the earth, we have Kerbin, home of the green Kerbals. As you might expect, the planets have different names, too.

   One YouTube user by the name of Danny2462 loves to find glitches and has fun creating all sorts of things in the game. In the past he made a "planet buster" of sorts, and in this video he makes another glitch discovery about a device he makes that has properties of a "planet buster". He experiments with the glitchy device he makes and the end result is quite a riot to behold!

More information about Kerbal Space Program can be found here:

Danny2462's YouTube channel can be found here:


Beam Me Up said...

Oh MEeeeebles.....that was one seriously fucked up vid! Most of the time I am going What da fuuck!
Awsome, yep we need more of that!

Mebbles said...

He made another video lately due to Kerbal Space Program being updated and it's hilarious! Now I got a coughing spell from laughing too hard! lol