Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Trathh and Other Stories by David Scholes

Trathh and Other Stories is a very unassuming title of which this collection of stories is most definitely not.

Author David Scholes, a long time BMU contributor serves up some tried and true and a lot that is new, and it is a great mixture.

Dave has given us some Trathh stories to once again whet our apatite on one of our favorite characters. Then adds in some mystery with a completely diffent venu with stories like Aftermath or The Lodger.  Both have a feeling like we know the main characters, but then we don't.  The Lodger gives a feeling of how it may have begun...but with a healthy serving of Young Old War we are thrust into a complete new malestrom.

Take the story Aftermath.  Again, we almost recognize the main protagonist and the post apocalyptic venue is also just out of reach and then with a clever twist we are again presented with a completely new venue that just cries out for more.  If I had a bitch about Aftermath it would have to be there just isn't ENOUGH!  I hope Dave turns this into a novel at some point.

I really could go on and on, but I really do not want to give too much away.    Trathh and Other Stories contains 21 short stories and is available in paperback and electronic form.  You can find the e-book at Amazon, but if you yen after a hard copy, it can be found at various sites, such as Booktopia HERE.  Or The Book Depository, E-Bay, Barnes & Noble etc.

In closing I know it must sound like I am pushing a regular author, but I can guarantee that is not the case here.  Trathh and Other Stories is thoroughly captivating and entertaining.  I would give the collection high marks in both categories.

If you have enjoyed the Trathh stories on BMU then this book is a custom fit for you.

David Scholes  Trathh and other Stories.

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