Monday, December 02, 2013

BMU # 388 now online

This week is episode 388 and I think this will be as equally entertaining which is either a good thing or not….. after this brief, I open with Help! by Ayana Taketatsu which opens each episode of the anime series MM group.

 Then I keep finding really good Star Trek trivia!

The first story of the evening is part two of Games by K. Maclean.

This week from the BMU blog I start with a look at the new comic titled Letter 44 which the publishers will let you read the complete first. Next Kallamus is back! He covers Dr. Who, among other great subjects. I read about a planetary system that is almost the clone of our Solar System. 12 things you may not know about comet Ison.

And finally The Post Human Condition pt1 Dean Giles

 And that is Beam Me Up in a nutshell for this week. I hope you enjoy it.


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