Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A Lunatics Review

Well, let’s see. What happened this year? Or at least, what happened worth noting, and what happened that we wish we could forget.
            Okay, I have spent days working on this, and have come to the conclusion that there is no way to do this properly, so instead I am simply going to list some of what I think were things that happened this year worth noting,
            Curiosity’s information I am sure you understand tops my list this year. Big surprise there I am sure. But outside of my basic prejudices for Curiosity a lot of other things happened well.
            And there are no links to anything here, as this is all from my own brain after I gave up looking for everything that happened.
            Space X made news for its Dragon flight to the ISS.  We now have private space flight companies moving around up there, so maybe things are looking up in a few ways. Though I wish they would get it in gear, as some of us aren’t getting any freaking younger.
            An asteroid blew up over a city in Russia, basically being the biggest one I think since the 1908 Tungusta event, which for a while then was considered to be the explosion of an extra- terrestrial craft.
            Over 5000 cave paintings were discovered in Mexico that may go back as far as 6,000 BC.
            Japan succeeded in cloning a healthy mouse from a single drop of blood.
            We got photos of earth from Cassini as it aimed it’s camera back at us from Saturn.
            It is thought that there is a possibility of there being as many as 40 billion or so planets in our galaxy in what is called the habitable zone of solar systems.
            The first exoplanet orbiting a brown dwarf was discovered somewhere around 6000 miles from us.
            3D printing has made an extreme impact, from being a cheap way to manufacture a prosthetic hand, to forming engine parts for space craft.
            Doctor Who celebrated 50 years, and gave us a new Doctor, and a whole new set of regenerations as well. Still on BBC America.com if you missed it. At least it was yesterday when I watched it again.
            And let’s be honest, the year could have gone better in many ways. For one, NASA needs more money.
            And some of the movies released this year, well, I am going to be nice here so I am going to avoid that topic I think. If I don’t, I would be forced to get involved in this Man of Steel thing (good for a movie, horrible as anything supes), and that Elysium thing which was just, well, average at best. Or that Star Trek needs to get back to being Star Trek, and not let’s shoot everything that moves, or the greatest insult of the year, Evil Dead. (Talk about horror. Yeah, it was; just not the way they intended it to be).
            Needless to say, let’s hope next year does better. Now I know that none of us will agree collectively on movies, or many other aspects, but in one place I am sure we can all agree.
            Can we get a movement to stop the butchering of the English language in 2014. I know language has to grow, and evolve, but when it begins to de-evolve into silliness, and text speaking in public to people that they don’t know, it is time to change something. Or maybe, just maybe, in 2014 we’ll all just make up words that we choose, and make the language completely incomprehensible to everyone at last.
             Now I know there are many other things that happened, but after I realized that my draft was about 7 pages on word, and I wasn't close to being done, I gave up and went this way about it. Random thoughts falling out all over the place. 
So, for everyone out there in Beam Me Up land, Happy New Year to you all, if you follow the date of January 1st as your new year that is.
Or, as it is said in the language of the new America of 2014:
Gooby cupoo lork chuck, naxgo muilhja binky butt.
See you all next year folks. (Provided we can still communicate that is).


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