Monday, December 23, 2013

BMU #391 now Online

So, here we are at  BMU episode 391.  After a short opening monologue I play Winter Day by John Anealio which I feel is one of his best tracks.

Last week I did not have enough time to play the last few minutes of Dean Giles' Post Human Condition so, I right that wrong this week and take a few moments to make sure that every one get a chance to hear the who work because it really is so good.

Over in the beam Me Up blog, The Chang'e 3's rover Jade Rabbit has sepe

Next I review David Scholes's collection of 21 stories - Trathh and other Stories which is every bit as excellent as you can imagine!

Is it possible that Halley's Comet could have caused death and destruction?  

Neowise is the former NASA spacecraft Wise that has been repurposed. I talk about its new mission.

Have you heard of the Technological Singularity?  In short it is when tech gets so advanced it rivals or surpasses human inteligence...

My final story of the day is Matt London's The Show Must...

Finally I fill out the hour with a Christman favorite played by Kenny G.

That covers this week, I hope you enjoy it.  See you next week.                                 

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