Sunday, September 01, 2013

Episode 375 of Beam Me Up is now Online!

Welcome to episode 375 of Beam Me Up.  That’s right, NEW Episode!

This week I start with Plain White T-s singing their Pet Cemetery which is the theme song for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.  I do have to break over and review Burton’s stop motion treatment of the Frankenstein’s monster theme.  To be honest, I enjoyed the film.  I like Burton’s stop motion offerings and he didn’t cheap out.

From the blog:

NASA scrubs an eva for a most unusual reason.  How to train Your Dragon number two is due to be released.  3D printing is really taking off in a great way….NASA is experimenting printing various parts in critical areas of space craft (at present engine parts)  that might make in flight repairs possible on more complicated systems.

Newly discovered moon around Neptune?  Transcript from Apollo 10 finally available.  Asteroids the movie?  Should the Apollo / Moon sites be protected like national parks….?

1 year on Mars for Curiosity!  Neil Arstrong’s birthday in August….  Along with Mr. Schrodinger….here kitty kitty…..

Computers that think like humans……not software but completely new hardware…  T anyone?  T1000 that is.

Is the universe truly expanding?

Why Russian astronauts dread preflight….

NASA wants to auction off the MLPs…..honest!

Our story is Star Bright by Tsana Dolichva…..a great piece of flash fiction from Antipodean online magazine.

Plenty of thought provoking news and a great story too boot!  Enjoy!

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