Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Short Film: You Only Live Twice

Yeah, I know, You Only Live Twice was a feature length Bond film, but this 3 minute jewel is far far shorter, just a hair over 3 minutes.  This time around we still have Nancy Sinatra singing the iconic tune, but the story is of an astronaut who has crash landed on an alien world and only has a photograph to remind him of his previous life.

This emotion packed short comes from  Wildlife, which is the  Friedman team of Jake  and Scott.  As you might remember,  they were responsible for the Terry Crews "Old Spice Muscle Music" video a while back.

Anyway, hit the play button on this short film, you won't be disappointed.

You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinatra from Wildlife on Vimeo.

Thanks to IO9 for this article which can be read in it's entirety HERE 

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