Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Iran to Space a Cat.....

Yep, Iran wants a space cat....Persian if you please.

What am I babbling about?  Well the word from IRNA (Iran's news agency) is that Iran is planning on sending a Persian cat into space.

Honest!  Oh and it is not like Iran doesn't have a track record for these type of launches, they claim to have sent a monkey into space already, although there is quite a lot of controversy surrounding that claim because the picture of the monkey that Iran says they launched is a different breed of monkey that came back....(it was aliens.....i seen em).

It would seem that Iran's Persian will be in rarefied company as only France in 1963 sent a cat on a 15 minute space flight.

Well anyway, Iran plans the cat launch for Mach of 2014. 

The complete article is at this address

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