Monday, April 16, 2012

Administrative Leave for What? You have got to be Kidding

Kallamis has been a reader of this blog for some time and often shares great comment and observations with the rest of us, in the comments section of the BMU blog.   As a general rule I do no not pass on a reader's comments in deference to their privacy.  But there are those times that a comment made here really does contain some interesting points or observations.  Oh an Kallamis said go for it! lol

Case in point, Kallamis brings this to our attention:
  • In March 2012, a middle school teacher of 14 year olds in South Carolina was placed on administrative leave for reading excerpts of Ender’s Game to his students, after a parent complained that the book was pornographic, primarily based on "curse words" in the text.  The parent also asked the local police to file criminal charges, which the police have declined to do.  The teacher had also read to the students from Devil’s Paintbox by Victoria McKernan and Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case by Agatha Christie.
Kallamis opinions - The World is Insane.

I am inclined to agree.  Thanks Kallamis

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phanriver said...

Well I can not say I am surprised someone found reason to be offended, not to say that they had reason, just not surprising(oops I mean surprizing :P Kallamis).
Shame on the school for reacting so cowardly to the complaint.

Makes me think of the different reactions to sci-fi stories different people have and why. I am not always very good at putting thoughts into words so it is nice to have stories to illustrate those ideas and I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately so I'll use that. Think of the Doctor how often he gets angry with humanity and how much of the terrible aspects he has seen and yet over and over he risks life and in fact burnt up quite a few regenerations in defense of humanity something really so very different from himself. Than there are the Daleks who whole purpose would seem to blend seamlessly with human ambitions yet when they could not accept merging with humans even to point of their own extinction. What is it that the Doctor sees that he loves so much but Daleks see and can not accept?

The answer is 42, but what's the question? Sci-fi stories look at that, that thing, the "nature" of humanity but that word does not seem quite right as if that thing is immutable and inevitable but it is not or maybe humanities "potential", but potential somehow does not seem right either as if it is something that is not yet present but it is present. Uggghhhh clearly not easy to look, intangible, bright and beautiful but consuming and blinding like the sun or dark and frightening that thing out of the corner of your eye "no don't look right at it!". So sci-fi stories make it easier to look at, the dystopias and utopias heros and villians races reflections of reality but easier to look at as "other".

So some do not like look of that reflection and can not accept and are than offended. Oh SNAP, dang did I just call the parents that complained Daleks? Ehhhh okay maybe not, million reasons someone might not relate to something.

Sorry long comment to those still reading, just my opinion of course I am no closer to "the answer" than anyone else. I do want to say though to those that do get it, the sci-fi stories I mean, to quote the Doctor and condense complex idea into something simple "Oh my look at you, you're gorgeous."