Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shuttle Discovery's Last Flight

Fromm NASA via Boing Boing & YouTube comes a short film of the last flight of Discovery. Lets take a moment to reflect on everything that means. There it is sitting atop the modified 747 flying over our nation's other monuments in Washington DC. It is a moving experience for sure. Certainly one worth documenting. But then people started clapping. Maybe I am being a bit too sensitive here, but clapping with joy as the past pinnacle of out once great space program flies off into the haze was not one of joy....

Don't get me wrong here! I do applaud the brave people who flew it and died with it. The great minds that went the extra mile even though they were hamstrung from the beginning. I applaud the engineering marvel that was the shuttle and the men who were tasked with making a potato fly. But applaud its passing? No, at the risk of melodrama...hat in hand, head bowed I turn away. oh and here is more at Discovery Air and Space

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