Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Time Travel Theories That Could Still Be Possible

From Device is this list of still "possible" time travel theories that might be possible. What do you think?

1. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge
  • From the movie Contact, Eleanor Arroway is whisked through long conduits that bridge the enormous distances between points in space, to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, we find that this is a VERY popular ftl theory.
  • Traveling through these conduits, you're essentially traveling forward in time at a rate which would be the ratio between the length of the wormhole and the actual distance in real space.
2. Travel by Self Hypnosis
  • If particles such as photons exhibit wave like tendencies, and — according to quantum theory — those patterns can be interfered with by particles in another quantum universe — could brain waves, as well?
(all aboard the starship B.S. editor)

3. Traveling through "Quantum Foam"
  • Technology would convert a person down to a quantum data stream and then projects them to a specific, calculated target through quantum universes in holes in what is called "quantum foam" (which) is the theoretical, irregular arrangement of quantum disturbances at the subatomic level.
(volunteers to be blasted to the sub-atomic level please.....editor)

4. Particles and Waves
  • Theory has it that particles such as photons exhibit wave-particle duality in which all particles exhibit wave-like properties and vice-verse at the quantum level. Based on this theory, radio waves, at the quantum level, could theoretically interfere with the quantum reality of another universe......

5. Travel by TARDIS (or and now for some complete b.s.)
  • Inside the Doctor Who universe: All Galifreyan time capsules draw energy from the Eye of Harmony, which is the harnessed energy of an exploding star. The Eye, can be described as existing both on Galifrey and at the heart of each time capsule. This tremendous energy moves the TARDIS through the "Time Vortex,"

I think until someone calls B.S. on this one I guess it's theoretically possible.

Complete DVICE article

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