Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making of the Abyss

Hey, did you ever see James Cameron's "The Abyss"? I know this is horribly dated, but I am willing to bet to this day there has not been a movie made that matches the scale or technical difficulty that this movie took to make. It still rates right up there as one of my all time favorite science fiction movies and not for the end, because the end was a cop out and a sell out and didn't come within a row of assholes of making sense, but up to that point wow, it's Alien only underwater where EVERYTHING kills you! The reason there was never a remake or part two? No one would go back for a remake.

So anyway, here is part one of six. If you have not seen this making of and liked the yourself a favor and watch this.


Anonymous said...

I would say its more like "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" in this case its underwater.

The special effects are the best. and CGI was only used were needed.

There are two endings, actually you could say 2 versions, in one the Aliens are just passive potential victims, and in the other version they were pulling a "The Day the Earth Stood still"
number on the world.

In any case the movie is a gem, and one that should be in anyone's collection

Beam Me Up said...

I never caught the other ending wow, passive? hummmmm kinda makes you wonder why they would sink a sub and all the other crap doesn't it?

I do agree belongs in everyone's video library. The ending was really off in a "well lets get this movie over with" feeling that even the cast members were asking "wtf" for the same reason. But before that happens, I found myself saying that this is one of the most intense moments I have ever seen in a movie.