Sunday, September 25, 2011

How We Play Football in Alabama And Other Short Stories From Doug Hilton

Hey! Regulars to Beam Me Up and the podcast will recognize Doug Hilton. Well, Mr. Hilton just wrote us a short note, of extremely good news. Here ya go...

  • My 42-story anthology of short sci-fi stories has been published on amazon kindle for all the world to see. Here’s a link to the book in the Kindle store:
  • How We Play Football in Alabama And Other Short Stories From Doug's World
  • Here is the link to the book HERE
Cover art and interior illustrations are by Richard H. Fay.

The title story is very funny. If you are interested in a taste of Doug's writing can log to the Beam Me Up podcast episode 246 for his cover story How We Play Football in Alabama


John said...

Roll Tide BMU!!!! My wife would love this as she's from Bama and is a die hard fan. When we first met she asked me who I was for and I was caught off guard and confused. Well, it was either for Alabama or Auburn... I had a 50/50 chance... Needless to say I got it right, Alabama... Now we're married.

Beam Me Up said...

Cool John! You get a chance, check out that episode, the story is a RIOT and that only makes me wonder about the other stories. Doug not only loves his Bama ball but is a great supporter of Beam Me Up.

Thanks for the not! It was funny and oddly romantic!