Friday, December 17, 2010

SYFY cancels SGU?! OH COME ON!

After SYFY yanked Caprica, I guess we shouldn't be surprised at any idiocy that comes out of corporate, but pulling the last of the Star Gate franchise, Stargate Universe seems almost like programming has had a break with reality!

For SGU fans:
  • According to Deadline, the remaining episodes in the show's second season will air in the spring
The 'Stargate' franchise has been on TV since 1997 but SGU lasted only 2 seasons starting in 2009.

Take heart though....I hear that there is a news smack down cummin fo da wrasslin fanns .... now where did I hide that razor....?

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John said...

This is straight BS... They constantly do this to great series (Farscape, The Invisible Man, etc...). They don't take into account DVRs and other sources that people are using more and more frequently to catch these programs. I believe that the numbers they've published are way understated because of this very thing. But like this post states "we shouldn't be surprised".

Overall, there's not much on Sci F... *caugh* SyFy that I really care to watch much anymore. Hell, even the shows that I liked in the beginning have lost their appeal like Ghost Hunters and Destination Ghost Hu... Errrrr Truth.

Thank God for The Walking Dead, Spartacus and True Blood.

Beam Me Up said...

Hi John
You could watch wrasslin! There have been SOOOOOOOOOOOO many throwaways. You're right, they should start taking into account DVRs but also how to seriously market themselves on the web. I watch SGU through HULU and prefer to continue. Ease of use far outstrips DVR and uses whatever hardware is available. Cable is fast pricing itself out of competition and many people are opting out. Digital TV is great but not for rural. But it is like talking to the wall with cable execs.

Anonymous said...

SGU is one of the few good SCI-FI shows on TV and one I watch (record on DVR) every week. Their writers do an excellent job of providing a riveting show each week.

Beam Me Up said...

I watched each and every new episode. I agree, one of the best out there. The remake of BSG had many of the same elements of dark brooding and mystery. Now we are to be subjected to ghosts, monster hunting, and spandex

oh joy