Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Makes You Tick to play on Pseudopod

Writer David Steffen send in a note with some really good news. He writes:
  • I've just received the acceptance letter for a new sale, a reprint of my horror flash story "What Makes You Tick" to Pseudopod.
  • When the story comes out, it will be a free audio download, in mp3 format, from their site. I'll send out a link when it's available.
Thanks for the note David and we loo forward to the reading.

If the story sounds a bit familiar, it first played on episode 206 in April of this year (2010) along with AK Sykora's Coming of the Abaries. It's a devious piece of flash that manages to throw a couple of curves at the end. Steffen manages to bring a truly alien lifeform to fruition and make it both knowable and unknowable at the same time. It's worth waiting to see Pseudopod's treatment.

Thanks for the note David

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