Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving Motel Rooms?

Åndalsnes, a small Norwegian city, is everything you would imagine. Idyllic, picturesque, a virtual gateway to the flora, fauna and geography of the area, one has come to suspect of these small villages. But it's the suggestion by a leading architectural firm hired to spruce up the town's tourist appeal that has turned my science fiction imagination on.

No I am not talking about futuristic space ports or hosting robot fighting leagues. But a way to attract new people and promote the natural beauty of the area using what is at hand. The architectural firm Jagnefält Milton Architecture has suggested a rolling hotel. Quite literally or more precisely mobile rooms that would travel along the existing rail road tracks. Guests would tour the fjords and mountains while sitting in their rooms.

From the Inhabitat article
  • ....individual portable boxy rooms of various heights and widths that roll through the magnificent countryside to take in the views. The ... accommodations consist of small sleeping quarters that open directly to the out-of-doors, allowing tourist to directly experience the natural settings....
via IO9

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