Thursday, September 30, 2010

Converting WHAT to 3D !!?

Oh Tim, tell me it ain't so!!!

In the "urp I think I am going to lose my cookies" department, Tim Sayell sends me a link to a Yahoo entertainment article. From George Lucas himself - Lucasfilm is going to convert all six "Star Wars" films into 3D format. George plans on starting with The Phantom menace and then release another film once a year until the whole series is complete. This is to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original "Star Wars" release. Though there hasn't been an exact release date for each movie.

My question is and has to be WHY? We have seen what the results have been when it comes to spur of the moment conversions. Offerings that are for all intents unwatchable! The last airbender didn't teach anyone anything?! How many times is Lucas going to squeeze this grape? Even in original release, the movie's audience shrank and the subsequent re-releases have done little to grown a substantial fan base. (now dont get me wrong, Star Wars fans are among the most loyal (flinch flinch) but it is a core group that has to admit that isn't growing at such a phenomenal rate that would make this project viable) The Avatar 3d project failed to wow me. It never for an instant convinced me that I was "IN" a real environment. I can't imagine an add on after the fact effect being worth the outlay.

Nope, I will pass here.

Yahoo article

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