Friday, September 03, 2010

Issue 147 of AntipodeanSF now online

The editor of Antipodean online flash fiction magazine writes to tell us that
  • Issue 147 of AntipodeanSF, the premier online down-under speculative flash fiction magazine is now online.
  • You can find AntipodeanSF at the usual URL:
Thanks Ion. Here is a list of this month's titles that you can fine at the site:

Hope's Last Cigar Jake Wickenhofer
The Day The Artists Left David Gray
Starry Eyed Trio: Space Twins David Kernot
Machined Lust Benjamin Hayes
Sane Planet Rob Bleckly
Uncertainty Shaun A. Saunders
The Fisherman Wayne Marshall
Redcord MacroNanoEngine in Error State Sean Monaghan
Hayseed And I Wes Parish
The Steal PM Freestone

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