Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Alien" prequel still moving ahead

From 's blog PopWatch comes news of the ongoing prequel to the movie "Alien"

Rumor has it that Gemma Arterton, of Prince of Persia fame, might be Ridley Scott’s choice for the heroine in his latest project in the Alien franchise.

A rep from the Arterton camp is claiming though that there was no truth to the rumor. BUUUUUUUUUT EW reports that when they talked to Gemma directly, she didn't rule out the possibility.

From the article :
  • (Arterton said) “The honest truth is that Ridley Scott has approached me to meet with him about something in the next few weeks,”


Marc Colten said...

I always thought that an "Alien" prequel would go in the wrong direction. They'd go back and back in time and find a super-predator. I always thought that if they went back to the home world of the aliens they would turn out to be cute pets - "What these little things we keep as housepets - killers?". I figure a pregnant one got stuck on starship and then its descendents fought it out for survival until they evolved into the killing machines we meet in "Alien" (and the far superior "Aliens" - and the much worse rest of them).

Think of Cat on Red Dwarf - but without the fashion sense.

Beam Me Up said...

Interesting thoughts! Honestly I just don't see the need. To me the back story was reasonably set. You can see from the ancient ship, the pilot with the burst chest...The ship full of pods... Maybe we don't know where they came from, but this ancient race had the same idea as the owners of Nostromo. Pets? ehhhhhh over the top killer, what better way to take a station, ship, colony? Drop one of these beasties in and stand off. It will do all the work for you.