Sunday, June 20, 2010

Episode 214 is online!

The newest episode of Beam Me Up in online. Click Episode 214 to go directly to this week's episode.

Here is this week's show description:
  • show 214! Plenty of material for a show that I thought might turn into a vast wasteland! We start off with an ethereal piece of music for Boa called Duvet which is the opening music for the anime series Lain. Tim Sayell submits a new Bradley Brackett episode, arena of the Blood Moon and this is episode #9! Great retro fun this! I finish off with a follow on story from Merurio D. Rivera called Dear Annabels which is in the same universe as his wildly inventive "Snatch Me Another" which I played last month. This time he plays with the idea of what would a Dear Abby style of program work in a universe that has snatchers in it. The results are stunning! Plus I have some news on books and news from the blog. In the end it sees there was plenty of stuff! Go figure.

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