Monday, June 07, 2010

Cassini find something strange on Titan?

Tim Sayell just wrote in with an article that I have been seeing a lot of lately. From Yahoo News

comes a report that NASA's probe Cassini has found something strange on Saturn's moon Titan. The new data rekindles speculation that Titan may harbor some sort of life all its own.

Chemical analysis of data returned by Cassini suggested that hydrogen was flowing down through Titan's atmosphere and disappearing at the surface. First thing is that this really shouldn't be taking place, second, what IS then causing the discrepancy. Some scientists speculate that there may be a strange life form responsible.

From the article:
  • Another study investigating hydrocarbons on Titan's surface found a lack of acetylene, a compound that could be consumed as food by life that relies on liquid methane instead of liquid water to live.
Of course there are many explanations on what these could be. Read the Yahoo News article and you decide.


Anonymous said...

Could it be? Could we have found life in our solar system? It may be the ONLY intelligent life in the solar system. I would hope that this would spur more investigations so that we may expand explorations beyond our tiny planet.

Beam Me Up said...

One can only hope Anon

The one thing you can hope for is that when the moment comes that there will be someone to stand up and defend the need to expand our knowledge in just this venue. I dont know how they can keep up the energy. Each new admin brings with it the need to continue defending exploration. It truly is mind numbing! I am not going to bash any one particular administration, but it seems to be a common theme these days. They all seem to think that expanding our horizons can be traded off like a product. Something to be used as a bargaining chip. We see far because we stand on the shoulders of giants. But what of those that come after?