Tuesday, June 08, 2010

DIY Sci-Fi Trailer for Technotise. It's GREAT!

Jaron Pitts is at it again with a spec trailer for a live action version of the animated Serbian sci-fi film Technotise: Edit & I. Pitts previous project was a fake Green Lantern trailer by cobbling together scenes from Firefly and sci-fi movies, which in and of itself was a stunning effort. I think you will find the same ethos here (plus recognize many pieces of your fav sci-fi films) as well as just stunning visuals and sound. Like Pitts earlier work, Technotise trailer has caught the eye of more than a few of the Hollywood type. It might not lead to anything but as it sits now, but Scott Glassgold, co-chief of IAM Entertainment, who just purchased the Technotise remake right received loads of offers from studios, producers and agents interested in developing the project. Very interesting and encouraging news I would say.
The complete article in Wired is here

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Beam Me Up said...

what I want to know is what is the music with the killer overdriven lead in it?!!! I have heard stuff that is very much like it from other groups, but not quite.