Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eureka gets a fourth from SyFy

Good news fans of SyFy's Eureka, SyFy has renews the quirky series and ordered 22 new episodes.

It looks like season four will play much like 3 / 3.5 did, breaking the episodes in two sections for airing next summer...though that hasn't been confirmed by the Science fiction Fantasy blog on About.

What is very interesting though is that some of the episodes will be set aside for special projects and there is some very interesting news items.

From the article:
  • One or two episodes of the new season have been set aside for a musical episode. We know Colin Ferguson is a comic and improv performer, but can he sing? Ferguson hinted to the panel that he might not feature heavily in that episode. Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo) can, but she seems likewise wary of a musical episode.
  • Matt Frewer will return as the (mysteriously absent) animal expert Taggart.
  • Show runner Jaime Paglia confirmed that Allison's pregnancy wasn't planned – they decided to incorporate Salli Richardson-Whitfield's real-life pregnancy.
Cool, well I am a fan, and I am glad to hear positive things going on.

Here is the complete article

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