Friday, July 24, 2009

RIP: Ellie Frazetta

Any of us that were into the graphic comic or marveled at the other-worldliness covers of F&SF, Asimov's or any of the others, knew well the name Frank Frazetta. Frazetta's genius is the ability to take larger than life characters and worlds - and bring them down to digest size.

You have to wonder at the muse that motivates this type of amazing talent. With Frazetta it was Ellie Frazetta.

We learn today from Boing Boing and Golden Age Comics that Frazetta's muse has passed away.

One couldn't finish this post without passing on one of the notes that was posted on the Golden Age Comic site:
  • I doubt Frank Frazetta would ever became the Frazetta (the one name only needed version) without Ellie. her belief in her husband, her drive, determination, advocacy, protective abilities and inspiration allowed him to create at another level......
Talent comes in so many different packages and is expressed in an equal number of different ways.
I think the science fiction community is a bit less colorful with this passing.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to a special lady. Your post touches the heart.

Beam Me Up said...

Thank you Jeanna
I marveled at Frank's work for years...well since I started reading science fiction. His covers were so amazing that in short order you could just look and know a Frazetta cover or story artwork. Ellie much less so...and quite frankly, I never make the connection between the larger than life characters and the demure woman that was the inspiration. And then to hear of her passing was very difficult to wrap my head around. As a photographer and having a subject who just embodies love of life taken away, well lets just say that I understood on some level just what was, now gone.