Friday, July 24, 2009

The world of Saunders' "The Colors 12" may be closer than ever!

Shaun sends in this video posted on the Mercola site.

The really cool (if I can play fast and loose with the term here) is no matter you're opinion of the subject material, this is a solid and real fear of the present and as such the future. What Shaun points out is quote "And all this AFTER I wrote 'The Colours 12". And there is the rub, or what makes science fiction so good is that it can take seemingly unrelated trends and predict a wildly accurate future many years or just a few months into the future.

That the scenario is nightmarish is not the point, or the veracity of the claims, which in and of themselves are horrendous, but the very fact that a good author can see the trend in seeming unrelated clues.

Here is the Mercola article
where a reporter accuses the W.H.O. of complicity in the present swine flu epidemic.

Here is the Youtube vid from the article

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